Greetings Artists, Friends, Community and Supporters,

Thank you for receiving, reading and responding to this communication on behalf of The Family of Gerald Jones, a Fine Artist of immense talent in the creative art world of painting. The Jones Family expresses in subdued sadness in announcing the earthly Spiritual transitioning of the Beloved family member and artist Gerald Jones.


For many years in Harlem, we all have had the experience exhibiting, Artists Gallery talks, painting sessions, social mixed and worked with Gerald Jones in the Art Gallery, Fulton Fair Arts in Brooklyn, Dorsey Gallery and in Mount Vernon. We remember Jones having the unique perspective for extemporaneous conversations either on panel, explaining an art brush painting technique(s), subject matter and generously telling his story of his personal journey at an artist and a Veteran of the Wounded  Warrior Project. 


Nevertheless, Jones was passionately involved in paintings after paintings after painting and supporting artist exhibitions in the Art Gallery. Forever expanding his thirst for art creating beyond the two-dimensional canvas to sculptural relief on canvas while studying at Leman College in the Bronx 


An afternoon memorial service is to occur on 5 September 2020, at 2:00 pm with family, friends, artists in Laurelton, Queens, New York.

Gerald Jones – Artist Biography


Born in Brooklyn, New York on Valentine’s Day, I was raised in Bedford Stuyvesant and attended Boys High School where my love for art was nurtured. I was selected to participate in the Student Art League’s Summer School Program at Pratt Institute for four years. After high school, I joined the Army and traveled to countries such as Thailand, Japan and Vietnam. I was very impressed with the awareness of the people of these countries and how they embraced the importance of their culture and heritage.

The realities of their cultural experiences establish that in order for one to grow they must embrace their culture and heritage before they can become spiritual. My art is a gift to myself and to others. It’s a reflection of my mind, heart and soul. I want my work to be significant and real to all who experience it. Since life means change, my art is always evolving. I look forward to growth and evolution in my work. My paintings convey an escape from the traditional way we view the connection between spiritual and human forms. My paintings portray graceful spiritual transformations that are filled with beauty and colors that do not happen alone. I examine and explore my ancestral heritage through my paintings as well and I combine a spiritual atmosphere that reflects my life experiences. If only for a moment I can touch you through my art, I have achieved my goal. If only for a moment you stop to look, I have achieved my sole purpose of creation. If only for a moment, my impressions make you think, I have truly achieved my objective. – Gerald Jones

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